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Search engine optimisation

Having a great looking website is important, but making sure that people find it is crucial.

The majority of users find what they are looking for online using search engines - even if they are already just searching for you.

Search engines use complex algorithms to ensure the content they provide is relevant to their end user who wants the best possible results for their search.

Spectulise uses good website coding and structure techniques to make your website as easy as possible for search engines to read. Combine this with good quality content and relevant key wording we can help drive customers to your site.

Every business is different

Search engine optimisation isn't simply about driving every possible person to a site. It should be more targeted, delivering quality leads and conversions based on what the business is doing. A local organisation may not be interested in national enquiries so positioning the website is important. It will save time in dealing with impossible enquiries allowing you to concentrate on your customer base.

Optimising an existing site

We don't just work with new websites. In many cases an existing site can have its search engine potential improved. We carry out a human multipoint analysis on your site to evaluate and apraise the methods in place and how they can be improved upon.

For more information and a site appraisal, please contact us.

Long-term benefit

Good search engine optimisation will make your site perform well long-term, without lots of expensive on-going work. We don't tie customers into monthly SEO packages (although if you would like a very agressive search engine strategy we can intensively review and trial different pages with you). Instead we aim to build the site well from the beginning to give it the best chance and will then review periodically making tweaks if and where necessary. There are also things you can do such as regularly refreshing content and encouraging cross linking. We can advise on the most effective methods based on your business.


Our hosting services include statistics allowing you to track the visitors to your site, where they are coming from and how they are finding you. We can also install additional tools such as Google Analytics on your site giving even more depth to your visitor information.

In addition to search engine optimisation we also offer:

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